2007 Hyundai Azera Q&A

2007 Hyundai Azera Question: My key fob doesn't open my Azera's trunk.

The top two buttons on the key fob work just fine. The lever that normally opens the trunk on the driver side door isn't working either. Anyone experience this same problem? -
Answer 1
Yes! This happened to me today for the first time and I know why. I had a heavy object on top of my trunk and pushed the fob to unlatch the trunk; it didn't work and neither did the button by the driver's seat. (I actually had to hunt for the keyhole because after five years, this was the first time I used it.) Okay--the solution. Go to the glove box and you will find a switch that locks and unlocks your trunk. Set it to ON (depressed). P.S. I found the solution in the driver's manual! -