1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Q&A

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Question: My Jeep wanders all over the road!

I replaced the tre's the steering box, and the sway bar with no luck, i really need to find something to fix this as I am running out of money, slowly replacing the entire front end. Is there any way to know id the bearings or ball joints are bad without taking the front end apart? -
Answer 1
to check the front end parts you will have to jack up vehicle and grab the wheel from top to bottom and shake it and then you do the same thing from side to side -
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What should I be looking for, just if there is excessive give in the rotor? -
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you are checkiing your ball joints and tie rod ends -
Answer 2
Might be good , also , to have a second person wiggle the steering wheel side-to-side a little , to see how much play is in the gearbox and steering shaft. -