my interior trunk open release not working, the automatic door lock not working on 1997 Mercedes-Benz S320

my interior trunk open release button not working, the interior automatic doors, lock button not working, my key folb works but the locks not working. I notice a 20amp fuse were blown, I replaced it, it started working for moment, and then it STOP working again, the fuse not blown What gives, what could this be? strange, but not surprise, it's a mercedes benz!

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it sounds like a fuse or a switch and could even be a relay in the BCM body control module need to test this in the shop As reading on you say the fuse blew you have a pinched wire or a bad actuator
I changed the fuse the first time, and they (truck button and locks button internal and external) started working again, but then stop working. I checked the fuse again, and the fuse were NOT blown this time, but symtoms remains!
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Some testing will need to be done to verify the problem, but it sounds like it may be the main window switch has failed inside the car. Get it to shop where they can test it.
does the main window switch controls the interior door lock button and interior truck release button? Even though the windows are working ok, they go up and down without incident.
Have you checked to see if the pneumatic pump is working that closes that and the door assist?