My Husband have a 2010 F-150 and we was having problem with the truck cutting off once it get a little below a half a tank of gas well come to find out it was a bad fuel pump we had a new one put in and the same thing going on someone help please on 2010 Ford F-150

we had the tank cleaned out and oxygen sensors put in and its still doing the same thing can anyone tell me whats going on we are having so much vehicle problems

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sorry no one ever replied to your question.i just saw it just looking around.i kinda thought when i read it that it probably wasn't the fuel factory fuel pumps don't usually fail,if they do it's rare.i have a 2000 F150 with 311,000 on it 4.6L and just replaced the factory fuel pump 1 year ago and the plastic fuel tank was clean inside!did you ever find out what was wrong with your truck?