My hubby's 2007 GTI won't run in any gear (auto trans) started w/R now nothing. on 2007 Volkswagen GTI

A few months back we would have trouble getting it into reverse gear. We'd have to put back in park then reverse and most times this fixed the problem. Now we can't get the car to run in any gear. On dash, P R N D all flash on & off. We had AAA tow the car home because the driver told us it was an easy fix, the shift cable has "come loose/apart" and needs to be tightened back up and it will be fine. My husband got the shifter apart but we don't know what to do from here. The AAA driver assured us this was not a transmission problem but of course, didn't tell us how to fix it. Any suggestions???

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That sounds like transmission sensor problem , i would find a place to bring it too, thats not a cable adjustment, not
With dash lights flashing.
Thanks so much for your response. That makes a lot of sense and what my husband thought too! Thanks again for your help!! Appreciate it very much!
Lemme know what it is. If u come back here ,