My Honda cranks but will not start and I cant get it to shift from park. on 1999 Honda Accord

At first the engine would occasionally shut down while driving no matter what speed. It was as though the key was turned off. Later it would be difficult to restart but turning the key and releasing it very gently seemed to help. Now it wont start at all. It cranks and appears to be getting gas. The coil pack and distributor cap and rotor was checked by a mechanic but all seemed good. The strange thing is that we cant shift the car out of park even when the key is turned and the brake is applied. The windows wont roll up either even when the key is turned. I suspect its the ignition switch or maybe the key transponder is malfunctioning. What are your thoughts?

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sounds like the electrical part of your ign. try removing the plastic housing around the key and tumbler and hold the electrical connector and wiggle. this is a common problem for these. very cheap and easy repair
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Ingition switch wiring. this will cure your car of shutting down at anytime!!!
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