my honda accord 2004 check engine light is on with code p2195. on 2004 Honda Accord

what can be done to solve this problem.

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O2 rear sensor stuck lean; Check to be sure it is tight, not loose. Sometimes the other one will affect this one. If good have it diagnosed.
Thanks for your reply. When the car was diagnosed originally, it showed 48-08 H025(A-F sensor) SI Signal Stuck lean. And P2195. When i highlighted this fault and pressed help it said senor disconnected. Do you have any further information to help me in fixing the problem? The diagnoses was done before i sent in my initial question for assistance.
The computer is either not reading it, because of a bad connection, or it could be bad. Just remember the other one can effect each other.
Could you please give me the colour chart for the plug head for the 02 sensor. The cables on the sensor plug head pulled off while trying to fix the sensor and i don't think i have fixed it correctly. The colors of the cables are blue, white and two blacks.
Wht goes to the grn/blk, blu goes to wht/red, black 1 to blk/wht other to blk/red, the blacks could be reversed, doesn't say on wiring diagram which black pin number is which.
Thank very much.
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