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1993 Honda Accord Question: my honda accord 1993 se fail smog to much nox what repair is needed

how can I pass smog -
Answer 1
what was the hc and co readings?? Roy -
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hc(ppm) max 61 meas76 test 15mph 25mph max36 meas 57 the ci max0.51 meas0.75 15mph 25mph max0.49 meas0.69 -
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ok, a couple of things. with both the hc and co high, i would install a new o2 sensor. i would also change the oil and filter. that will increase your nox reading. i hate to say this but the cat is going to have to be replaced as well. it cannot process the gases and break them down. Roy -
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hi mastertech about my 1993 honda accord not passin smog could the intake control soleniod valve be a problem from not producing enough air -
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this will effect the mixture going tinto the cylinders for the perfect 14.7 to 1 air fuel ratio. it will not change the fact that the cat is worn out. Roy -
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mastertech you say that the cat is worn out,then why is it that my honda has no problelm driving 80 mph and starting right up? -
Answer 2
We gonna need more info than that! Come on... -
Answer 3
Please more specific. Your vehicle has a number of common repairs to make it run more efficiently. -