My heater/air conditioner stopped working all together. Loud noise from heater on 1996 Toyota RAV4

When turning on the heater there was a very loud noise all the time. Finally the heater stopped working all together. the AC light turns on when you switch the heater on but no air is blowing. Would this be a fuse problem? Also, where is the heater/air conditioner fan located?

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Sounds like the fan motor gave out and needs replaced. Don't be surprised if heater core is leaking though.
I also noticed prior to this issue, the fan would blow high in the lo position. Can that be a problem in the switch as well? If so how would I go about fixing that problem?
If the fan motor was faulty the switch may be okay anyway. When they are going bad they will usually start surging causing this effect. Replace motor and if problem hi/lo persists change switch too.
check the blower resistor for corrosion