My heater only works on the highest setting to blow air. It also grinds on 1999 Plymouth Breeze

Heater grinds when on or squeeks. Sometimes I can turn it off and then it will be ok for a few.

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i agree you may have 2 issues
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I agree with #1 if it is squeaking then your blower is starting to seize up which would probably cause your resistor to burn out
check your blower motor getting weak, check/replace your blower resistor.
Thank you. So you are saying that the resistor will cause the first 3 setting not to work... as well as blower? Are they easyish.. to fix. I have worked on cars before. Would I just need to purchase a manual or download a manual? Just not sure how to get to it. Under hood or through dash. Guess I need to investigate more myself. It just happens to be very cold out side.
if your fan only works on high, then the blower motor needs to be replaced