my heater only blows cold air why the ac side works fine on 1995 Chevrolet S10

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no heat no defrost
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Make sure the coolant level is up in the rad, not just the recover bottle If both . Run and check the heater hoses, both should get hot. If one is hot and the other not, plugged heater core. If both are hot the blend door motor may be bad. Fan on high switch hot to cold, you should be able to hear a change in the sound if the motor is working.
When someone has COLD, not WARM, either there's no flow threw the heater due to being plugged and there's always a huge different in temperature from the inlet hose compared to the outlet hose, real low on coolant or actuator that works the blend door failed.
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No sh t. Are you trying to teach me and like I said just because both hoses are hot doesn't mean the heater core is hot enough to put out heat in cold weather. So why the lesson that I learned in 1968.
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