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2000 Chevrolet Tahoe Question: My heater blows cold air

my heat blows cold air, the hoses are warm so i don't think it's the heater core. Also my air flow knobs are messed up, for instance if I want it to blow through the floor vent, it's blowing somewhere else. Anyone has any solutions, it's really annoying, my kids don't like being in the car anymore. Also if it might help, I changed my oil yesterday and they also replaced the filter, that's right after wen I left there I wasn't getting any heat, it was blowing cold air. Please help!!!! -
Answer 1
I assume you have dual air, driver and passenger can set their own temps? If so it sounds like the "Blend Door Actuator"... Dealer will charge about $500 - $800 or you can buy the part on Amazon.com for $98.00 and DIY.. Takes about an hour to do if you're handy with tools. -
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