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1995 Chrysler Sebring Question: My heater, ac & de-frost buttons don't work all of a sudden! What's wrong?



wali, 2.5L V6, Portland, OR, January 30, 2013, 07:35

My heater control use to only work on hi. Its been like that for the past 3 years. All my other controls work fine. One cold day, I turned on my heat, that only works on hi. About 10min of driving I noticed my heat wasent blowing out anymore. I drove around with my window cracked for about 2 hours so I can c out my Windows because they were fogging up. So I get home to check out the fuses. I checked out under the hood first and everything looked ok. Then I checked the fuses inside the car and noticed a #10 fuse was blown out. Every time I try 2 put a new fuse in and turn the heat on, it blows.

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