My headlights wont work, I checked fuses to no avail,first the low beaams were on 1995 Chevrolet Astro

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lowbeams were out then the high beams stoped working ,I have turn signals tail lights parking lights an back up lights is their links or something to check?and where might they be? or do you know what it is that is wrong? Need help Pleaseeeeee!
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Do you have a test light, or any voltage testing device? If no then have a car savvy buddy test for battery voltage and ground at the headlight connector. IF both are present replace the bulbs. IF not present, have this buddy test the headlight switch and it's wire connector. Next test the dimmer switch and it's connection, which is part of the 'multifunction' signal and wiper switch. Or have a repair shop help you out.
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If you are not getting power to the headlights, and since the high and low beams didn't fail exactly at the same time, start by checking for power to, and then through the dimmer switch on the steering column, then proceed as required.
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