My gti won't start today. It's turning over like it wants to but won't fire.
on 2011 Volkswagen GTI

93,000 klm on it and last 3 weeks check engine light comes on
And off randomly

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Just under 60,000 miles , Maybe warranty? READ your EMISSIONS warranty booklet that came with the car , Certain emissions items are covered federally for at least 80,000 miles .
I'm in Canada

Not sure if it's the same
Sorry , I was going by the "MT".Thought you were in Montana. Canada may still have laws pertaining to emissions in your area , maybe google , bing , whatever , if nothing in the owners manual, or other book that came with car. Good luck.
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Should have had the engine scanned, it was a warning, Basic no start inspection; fuel, spark, and compression.
I'm taking it in Monday morning. Any ideas of cost for me and what it could be?
I don't know what the rates are in MT. but without testing I couldn't say for sure what it is, once it's checked then a price would be easy to give you. Right now all I can do is suggest some possibilities of what to check.
What should I check?
What do you know and what equipment do you have to check anything with. That's why I mentioned the basics of what it needs to work.
I'm going to have the dealer check the codes on Monday
If you want to post them that we might help would be fine.
Will do
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