2011 Volkswagen GTI Q&A

2011 Volkswagen GTI Question: My gti won't start today. It's turning over like it wants to but won't fire.

93,000 klm on it and last 3 weeks check engine light comes on And off randomly -
Answer 1
Should have had the engine scanned, it was a warning, Basic no start inspection; fuel, spark, and compression. -
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I'm taking it in Monday morning. Any ideas of cost for me and what it could be? -
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I don't know what the rates are in MT. but without testing I couldn't say for sure what it is, once it's checked then a price would be easy to give you. Right now all I can do is suggest some possibilities of what to check. -
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What should I check? -
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What do you know and what equipment do you have to check anything with. That's why I mentioned the basics of what it needs to work. -
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I'm going to have the dealer check the codes on Monday -
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If you want to post them that we might help would be fine. -
Answer 2
Just under 60,000 miles , Maybe warranty? READ your EMISSIONS warranty booklet that came with the car , Certain emissions items are covered federally for at least 80,000 miles . -
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I'm in Canada Not sure if it's the same -
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Sorry , I was going by the "MT".Thought you were in Montana. Canada may still have laws pertaining to emissions in your area , maybe google , bing , whatever , if nothing in the owners manual, or other book that came with car. Good luck. -