my grand caravan keeps overheating and I already changed the condenser. why? on 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

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The van ran fine for a couple of weeks but now it is starting up again. Tonight is the first time since the condenser was changed. autozone said it is the fuel injectors and valves but I don't know.
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first of all why did they change the condenser? it woould have nothing to do with overheating thats part of the ac system.I would check to see if the cooling fans are working .it sounds you are getting screwed because i have never heard of fuel injectors or valves causing an overheating problem but thats just my opinion
the condenser was changed to improve airflow going to the front of the engine. The fuel injectors came up from a diagnostic by Autozone. It confused me too. The cooling fans did not test bad. Thank-you for your answer.