My girlfriends Honda accord has a rough idle when at a stop in gear. on 2001 Honda Accord

So far I have replaced the timing belt; balancer shaft belt both; drive belts; front and rear motor mounts; spark plugs; egr valve and seafoamed the intake system. I replaced the egr valve thinking it would fix this problem because i smoked tested the intake and it was leaking out of the egr. My next step is to remove the idle control valve and check for a clogged screen. at this point I am out of ideas any help would be greatly appreciated.

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these are difficult issues on this car.see prof help your throwing parts at it and its costing you alot of money
I am a mechanic for BMW and I know how much a shop is going to charge If someone can just point me in the right direction im pretty sure i can figure it out.
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Call Adrian at Milt's. (707)643-7548

Sorry about that, I didn't get a chance to call him before you did. Please call him again.
all Adrian told me was to bring it to his shop. I appreciate the thought of pointing me in the direction of a good mechanic but i cant afford $108 an hour.
He had a couple of questions, just call him back...
Normally the idle control valve on this vehicle goes bad, it's a cylindrical unit on top of the intake
I checked the icv and its working properly I even cleaned it out and it helped a little bit but not 100% I have Been reading the hands manual on this problem and I want to diagnose the eld ( electronic load detector) because ive noticed if you crank the radio it yets.rougher and its wortu. Try