my gear wont shift only revers on 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

on a trip my gear refuse to shift the 5th gear so a go on with the 4th gear for about 100 km so i got the hot water flashing and stop flashing i stop waiting to the cae cool down i put water was good go and try to shift but only revers working no frontal gear want to work help what to do or repaiar

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I think your transmission has failed internally. Very sorry to tell you it sounds bad.
Ask a VW specialist or a transmission shop and get a diagnosis and estimate of the price to fix it.
If you want to find a VW specialist, here's our directory link for you:
thanks a lot for your care & answer yes as you said it was bad & it went worse i just changed the whole gear box with a new one 2004 but after they fix it the gear goes only reverse & 1st shift only they talking about gear sensor or somthing in car wiering is that true or what ???
update i think the car went into limpmode the TCM needs to be programed thats what the VW dealer told me ???
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reverse light switch is causing all you promlems $20 from vw