My gas gauge reads below empty. Sensor must be broken. on 1994 Saturn SC1

Is it safe to just watch the mileage that I drive and fill up @50 miles? Little old lady here not a lot of money for repairs after spending $1,000 and now this. Will the sensor stop the fuel from flowing in?
Thanks so much.
Just saw your advertisement on nightly news.
Kathy Lev

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Yes you can just watch the mileage and no it will not stop the fuel flow. When you get ready to fix it, have a repair shop check out the problem!
Thanks so much for helping me. I didn't know about your web site until I watched the National News. Don't usually go to that channel. I call around for prices and thanks also for giving Top Shop logo to look for.
I have forwarded your website to friends.
Again thanks your a life saver. I won't worry so much.
Kathy Lev
Glad to help!!
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you have a sender that floats up and down in your fuel tank that gets stuck. sometimes filling up the fuel tank unsticks it... the electral wire could be broken to or from the fuel tank.