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2006 Chevrolet Uplander Question: My Gas gauge

My gas gauge seems to get stuck on the 1/4 full mark then i run out of gas? The light doesnt go on because the needle doesnt move any further . I have run out of gas 3 times ? What could this be a sensor? Thanks -
Answer 1
it sounds like the fuel sending sensor inside of the gas tank is bad, as for running out of learn how many miles you get per tank, then go less then that to fill it up, example I have a 88 ford bronco, with a 23 gallon tank, i get about 350 miles per tank, but i fill up at 300 -
Comment 1
Thank you I sorta figured that! -
Comment 2
It moves fine until it gets to the 1/4 mark would it still be only one sensor? Or is there a float? -
Answer 2
I agree fuel sending unit is faulty. GM has this problem a lot. Easy repair if u have the knowledge. Must replace fuel pump. It is all one assy -
Answer 3
it could be one of the two coils behind your gas gauge, just take out the dash which is four little screws and look at the back of your guages and check and see if the coils are jammed or if one of the screws are too tight, i had the same problem in my 88 chevy long wheel base and the same thing happened to me and i checked the coils and got it replaced and now it works just fin -
Answer 4
common problem with Uplanders,I replaced,(FUEL SENDING UNIT)my was fixed.(newbeginnings1052@yahoo.com) -
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