my fuel pump failed but having hard time finding the correct pump. on 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe

i have a 1998 chevy tahoe, and my fuel pump has failed on me. when i look for the pump, im always given a pump w one electrical compomçnent, while mines has 2 components. oh, and the length is 10 inches of my fuel pump, while the others are smaller. having a difficult finding the correct part. any advice, or any info relating to the actual part number for my truck, as well as how much pressure is needed from my replacement fuel pump

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it varies with this model as to whether it is a 2 door or 4 door. i would not just get the pump, get the module assembly. the pumps, or build a pump, always have issues. we always replace the entire module.

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the oem pump your looking for is Delphi part number DFPFG0088 can get it from any napa part store. the reason your having a problem is because the evap system you have is not very com. you can replace just the pump if you take your time its alot cheaper.