My front passenger headlight is out, it was on then off then on then off again. on 2008 Chevrolet Aveo

We checked the fuses, the bulb, the relay etc. my husband checked the wiring that he could see and it came on when he was moving the wires around then went off again and now it won't come back on at all. What does this sound like and does anyone have any idea of the price that this would cost?

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sounds like wiring issues inside loom
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I suggest replacing the bulb as it could be the filament.
Otherwise there is a recall on Aveo models of this year , check with the dealer to find out the status of the recall and your vehicle , keep records and do not let them hold you up for a bag of cash.
i had the same problem and it was the filament in the bulb you just cant see the separation on the filament
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