my front brakes lock up on 1999 GMC Suburban 1500

my brakes lock up after about 1 min. wen you are goingh you can feel it sloweing down and i jacked up frontof truck wheel are stuck. i release the brake line at master clynder and fluid shot out the brake calibers released and worked untile next time did it again and again.. what do i do.. i didnt replace anything didnt know what to do

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i would also look at the brake hoses for collapsing. common failure.

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Sounds like the master cylinder is malfunctioning. You need to get your vehicle to a repair facility to check it out and confirm the problem.
replaced calipers and brake hoses still had some of the problem left. replaced slide bolts and sleeves and it got somewhat better still evaluating results.this problem was only the left front brake on a 4 wheel drive system.
To the slowing down while Burban in motion , when my Burban was doing that my back brakes were sticking and the rear brake adjuster had to be adjusted a little.