My front brake is sticking what could this be and how do I fix it on 2001 GMC Yukon XL 2500

My 2001 yukon danali xl is having brake troubles. When I actually push the brake its fine. When I hit the gas it sticks. A burning smell is coming out of the front passenget side tire. Whats really scary is when I parked today I looked at the btire and the brake was glowing red. Whats the problem?

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Sounds like the passenger front caliper's cylinder has frozen in the out position. This will keep constant pressure and friction on the pads and rotor. They will heat up and get red hot. Need to check caliper for proper operation and replace it if needed. This is it You will have to remove the brake line to the caliper reconnect to the new one and bleed the brake line to that caliper. Check all brake components for any damage while you are doing this check. Could be as simple as a bolt slipping out of the mounting bracket or the caliper.
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If the passenger front wheel was recently taken off it may not have been put back on correctly or torqued properly. This would cause your rotor to get out of round. If the brake rotor is severly out of round it can causes this same problem you describe. The piston in the caliper could be hanging up and not retracting. There could be fluid on the pads causing them to hang up. Your driver side brake may not be applying putting most of the stopping force on the passenger wheel. The rule of thumb is your rear brakes do 20% of the stopping and the fronts do 80% of the stopping. Remove the wheel and check the components. Since it was glowing red as you said it will need at least that rotor and front pads replaced. Remove the caliper and see if you can push the piston back in with the proper tool or chanellocks. Since there are two pistons on each caliper you they will need to be pushed in at the same time. if you have no problems doing this on the passenger side do the same to the driver side to see if it is at fault. If both go in you probably have a bad rotor.
Either the brake flex hose is collasped internally or the caliper itself is not releasing!! Open bleeder screw if rotor now is free replace hose, if not replace caliper. Suggest replacement of ALL affected parts. The sure fix is to replace the hose, caliper, pads and rotor.