My ford ranger idle fine, but when i apply the gas it bucks a little. on 2002 Ford Ranger

after about 10 sec it runs fine. as long as i apply the gas slow it will not buck. if i am going up a little incline or a hill it boggs down and bucks a little. in about 15 sec it starts to accelerate good. it will still buck now and then when cruising speed.i do not have any codes stored.

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Good tune up should do the trick! Plugs, plug wires and possible coil pack as it can cause a misfire on one cylinder only! Sounds like you have a misfire causing the "buck" you mentioned.
I only changed the plugs so far. Runs good now but i am going to replace the wires. I did but some dry gas in the gas, and i am using a higher octane gas. Thank you agian.
Cool! Good idea to change the wires as well. Use a good brand, say Motorcraft. Also some injector cleaner with Chevron Techron will help!
clean your throttle body real good, with throttle body cleaner from az or pep boys and add a can of sea foam to your gas tank and drive for a couple of days............brakestop and auto experts!!!!!!