1999 Ford Escort Q&A

1999 Ford Escort Question: my ford escort keeps revving up when i change gear what could be wrong?

I have changed the throttle semsor, the air flow mass sensor and the idle valve but none have worked -
Answer 1
poss vac leak, do you have any codes? -
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sorry there are no codes -
Answer 2
Agree with greg, pcv system on the 2.0 SOHC engine gives a lot of problems. Dont know which engine you got!!!!! -
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it a 16v 16L -
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NO, not in a 1999 Escort! Dont matter anyway. Tell you what you need to do, take it to a mechanic that can check it out for you hands-on!! -
Answer 3
Manual or auto trans.? When sitting still does the idle race or is it normal? How many miles on it? Clutch slipping? -
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its a manal and i think it is the clutch because you casn put it in to gear and then take your foot of the clutch and the car will still run -