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2001 Ford F-150 Question: My f150 has rough idle and sputters on acceleration what is wronge

I changed all four o2 sensors and still the same thing i cant get a diognostic because the engine light wont stay lit but it does blink perodically then goes off it sputters bad at acceleration and very rough idle also loss of power -
Answer 1
It needs to be scanned for codes even if light is off it has memory. -
Answer 2
wetry is right there should be codes stored in it why did you change the four 02 sensors did you have a system lean code p0171 and p0174 because those are hardly ever related to the 02 sensors most of the time its a vacuum leak also you need to check your fuel pressure mass air flow sensor -
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Well when i got it scaned the first time the people at autozone told me it was the o2 sensors so thats y i changed them so what should be my next approach i checked for leaks in vacume lines and could not find any -
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It would have been better, maybe cheaper, to have let a MECHANIC fix it for you or at least do the scan. Zone dont have any. Just parts people! A code does not tell you what part to throw at it, just where to start your diagnostics! As stated before, vacuum leaks on this engine are common (PCV system) for example. But could be ignition misfire. Codes would be nice to know. -
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Ok i got some codes this morning two codes came up p1131 and p0301 can u give me any advice -
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Find and repair misfire on # 1 cylinder, also check for vacuum leak on that same side of the engine, pass. side is bank 1. Could be plug, plug wire, injector, vacuum leak or low compression. PO 301 indicates # 1 cyl. is not contributing! P1131 indicates about the same thing! All on the bank 1, pass. side of the engine. Cylinders are front to back 1-2-3. The drivers side bank 2 cylinders are 4-5-6. Good luck with your repair. -