My explorer is loosing coolant. Engine runs fine, doesn't over heat. on 2000 Ford Explorer

No white smoke or water from tailpipe. No milky stuff on oil dipstick. Heater works fine. Only leaks when hot and I can hear and smell coolant leaking onto exhaust after driving. Underside of engine on passenger side of vehicle damp. No visible sign of leak.I am loosing about a reservoir full every couple days. No smell inside vehicle. I have searched internet and found several possible causes, some which worry me alot due to limited finances.

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That sounds like the thermostat in the car is about ready to explode. That is what happened to me and as a result, as I was driving home, the thermostat in the car and the housing around it broke in 2 and my car's anti-freeze was going out of the car like Mount Vesuvius or it was ugly. You better take your car to your dealer or to a trusted mechanic and to see if they can check the anti-freeze container and the thermostat housing and the thermostat in the Explorer.

Good luck and hope this helps.
Thank you, I will have to check that myself!
pressure test cooling system for leaks