My ESC light came on and stays on on 2007 Kia Sorento

My ESC light came on and now stays on and the engine ck light is on. Also when this light is on the crusie will not work/ Would like to know about what it is and how much it might cost before I take it in for repair.

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Can't tell you what's wrong from where I sit but I can tell you that it's time for you to get to a Kia specialist and get a diagnosis. If the light's on, there's data and trouble codes stored in the controller and a technician with a scanner could diagnose the problem. I wouldn't expect the cruise control to work when there's a fault in the ESC system since they rely on the same data from the wheel speed sensors (WSS), etc. in the overall system. It's possible there's a problem with a WSS, like contamination or a faulty sensor, that's fairly simple and inexpensive.
You'll have to commit to probably an hour's labor time for a diagnosis. find a Kia specialist.
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