My EPC light and check engine light are on. on 2002 Volkswagen Beetle

My EPC light and check engine light are on but before this happen about a month earlier the door chime constantly came on and went off especially if driving over bumps and making sharp turns. I took my car to the local car clinic which could work on volkswagen vehicles. I was told that the constant chiming was caused by a faulty driver's door wiring harness and that needed to be repaired to make the chiming stop. By the time I got the door wiring harnes part, now the Epc and check engine light is on and the car will start but it will not drive. I know the problem is electrical but what exactly is the problem?

by in Killeen, TX on February 12, 2012
1 answer
ANSWER by on February 13, 2012
You will have to have your can scanned with a volkswagen computer. I don't think the door problems are related to your epc light. You may a have electronic throttle problems. Eurotech Car Care 254-200-1009
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