1997 Ford F-150 Q&A

1997 Ford F-150 Question: My engine light keeps coding lean both banks

Fitted specta air intake and mechanic cleared computor taking battery wires and shorting them to each other drove truck for about 200 miles to reset. Truck kept stalling when coming down to idle, getting better but now keeps coding lean after short distances . Is there a proceedure to reset and will it hurt to drive as it runs better than ever? -
Answer 1
the right way to clear the engine codes is with a scantool and if the car is stalling it will hurt the car in the long run with you don't get this fix -
Comment 1
Have used scan tool to delete codes and truck is running good but lean codes keep coming back on. Isthis normal after installing an air intake system? -
Answer 2
Are the codes P0171 & P0174. If so you have a vac leak at a rubber elbow in the PCV system. If you want more help e-mail at encore9558@mypacks.net -