My engine is to noisy sound like diesel engine on 1995 Nissan 200SX

Sound came from the cylinder head at one side only in the right side

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Your car has "shim adjusted vale clearance" so it would not be hydraulic lifter noise but could be excess valve clearance noise you hear.
More likely your car has two timing chains,tensioners and guides which are likely to be the problem, get this checked out soon as they can fail and result in very costly repairs.
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What would cause a 2001 F150 Trition V8 5.4 L engine to sound like a diseal when it is a gas engine?
Camshaft timing chain tensioner block has likely worn through. Your timing chain is likely running metal to metal against the tensioner. Your camshaft timing chain will fail and the sprockets could be damaged if you don't get it fixed right away! Stop driving the car until you can get it repaired!
wher is location snok sensor