My engine is having trouble starting hot. Need help? on 2000 Saturn SL2

I have to floor board the accelerator to get the engine to start when hot. The problem exists every time you shut it off after the engine is warm and it sets awhile.I have changed the plugs, wires, thermostat, and the PCV valve. None of these fixed it. I am a retired career mechanic but not well-informed on the electronic parts of the vehicle. Do you have any suggestions on what to do next?

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start by ck'ing fuel pressure and bleed off time
I left the work force in 1994 so modern car problems have passed me by. I am having trouble understanding in as old a car as my Saturn, why all of a sudden, you and the other fellow imply that my fuel pump is pumping too much fuel? Could both of you explain further?
Not that fuel pump is pumping to much fuel, just that injectors may be leaking when car is not running , causing a 'flooded' condition in the cylinders. Have a shop you trsut , verify the symptoms and cause , before blowing any more $$$ on guesses.
Just thought I would give you guys a follow-up on my starting problem. After doing all the things we talked about, it still wouldn't start correctly, so I decided to do one more thing and that was changing the thermostat sending unit. That seems to have correct the problem, so thanks for your previous help. Thought you might want this input in case anyone else is having the same problem.
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Agree with globalhelper- when you floor it while cranking , you're in 'clear-flood' mode(shuts injectors off). When you check the plugs (when cooled down) see if they are gas-fouled.
ok - will check that today. Thanks!
test the coil pack could be bad