My engine goes Snap, Crackle, Pop on 2003 Honda Civic

My Civic has 130,000 miles on it. When accelerating you can hear a faint but distinct crackling coming from the engine. It happens once the car has reached 3000rpm in second and third gear. Once the car has leveled off in fourth and drops below 3000 it stops. Could anyone please give a starting point for this since thier is no way to check it while the car is sitting still?

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Is this snap crackle and pop giving any associated drivability problem or check engine light illumination?
You wouldn't hear ignition misfire because the engine is coil over plug but you would feel a misfire and see Check Engine Light on.
With out being able to drive the car and hear the noise its only a guess but have your valves been adjusted (valve adjustment is the most frequently omitted part of Honda servicing), could it be exhaust related? a heat shield or cracked manifold?
I am curious, I would love to hear what you find fixes your problem