My engine fell, should I buy a new car or get it fixed? on 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

My engine fell down, still in the car but some bolts broke to make it drop. How much will it cost to repair? I was driving last night and thought my tire blew or something. I do need new tires, but when I looked it all of them were still in tact. I go to accelerate into traffic and I hear a loud grinding dragging type noise so I stopped then got the car towed home.

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You'll need a shop to take a very good look at this and advise you what to do. Let us know what they say, and maybe get some photos and upload them to photo bucket and send us links. It will help to see what is going on in order to try and advise you.
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"If the engine is still good and your car is in good shape it will probably be cheaper to have it fixed. Sounds like motor mounts or something similar