My drivers side door will not open at all!! on 2004 Mazda Mazda6

I went out yesterday got in my car door opened fine, about 2 hrs later went to leave, my drivers side door will not open at all. the other doors on the car work fine. it wasn't slammed shut before i am sure there is nothing caught in there either (i.e. seatbelt or something else). does anyone know how to get it open? thank you so much in advance

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If the drivers door on your 2004 Mazda 6 does not open from the inside or the outside then chances are the lock/latch assembly is jammed. In order to get the door open the inside door trim will most likely need to be at lest partially removed to access the inner workings of the door. This is no easy task as the panel is designed to be removed with the door open. If care and patience are used this can generally be done without major damage to the inside door trim panel.
Thanks, we have the same problem and we are now at that stage of having the door panel partially open. We can grab the rod mechanism, and when you pull this down the outside door handle moves, but the door still won't open... Any ideas from here? The latch assembly looks like it is a black plastic encased part and not servicable?
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This happened to my 2004 mazda 6, i just recently got it fixed. there is a defect and the rod that releases the door breaks and ot wont open from either side. i had to buy a new part from mazda for 180. my mechanic said opening the door was a long process but once its open its just a matter of changing the part. the whole process probabbly set you back like 3-400. make sure you buy an original part because it happened to me twice the first time the mechanic fixed it himself probably with a shitty replacement part. thr new part also has a one year wwarrnty. i dont know y i had to do this any way fukin mazda
I too have had the same problem. Fortunately, I was able to get the door panel off with ease, but then, without much reason, the latch decided to unlock on its own. So I think I "Jiggled" something loose playing around with the unlock button and the rods. Can you or someone tell me what parts or a part number I should get from the dealership to fix this?
Part # GK2C59310H
I have a similar problem with my 95 Camry. The Drivers side door will open from
the outside, but not the inside.