My driver side door, mirror and trunk switch is not work.

on 2004 Mercedes-Benz E320

Three door one driver and 2 in the back, out side mirror and trunk release switch is not working at all, come back and work by itself for one day and stop respond. please help

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have codes scanned and get diag
My friend's auto shop scan they show nothing all pass.
did he scan all modules incl bcm which is a grounding module? other than that test for pwr at each accessory. sounds like a common grd maybe bad
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This vehicle has a driver door control module located inside the door that controls all of the functions of the switches in the driver door. It is not uncommon for these modules or the wiring to fail. You need to have someone that is familiar with these vehicles diagnose the problem using equipment that can communicate with this module and supporting wiring diagrams to pinpoint the problem. Generic OBD2 scan tools will be of no help. We use the factory MB Star Diagnostic System at our shop.

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Thank you for reply everyone, I try to drive to weekend and check it out again. I did search I found one the same my situations here is the link I hope they can help me out on this