My dodge has ABS and EPS/BAS warning lights on.
What i need to check first ? on 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan

I checked every fuses already, everthing is ok.

What i need to check now?

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have codes scanned and post so we can adv
I would like to scan it myself, so can u give me advice for buying a software to do the scan?
I got already a laptop and the cable to connect it to my dodge, but my actual software doesn't do the scans for ABS EPS/BAS stuff.
look on line to find that info, there are alot of co. doing it but most are shames
Yeah that why im asking you!
Anyone else can help me to find a good scan tool?
u can buy scan tools all day long but to scan those issues not sure on cost. mine cost 5k im sure you don't want to spend that
That point is being missed. $200,000.00 in a toolbox owned by a moron just means that you have a moron with a lot of tools.(at least I haven't spent 200K yet)
Did u ever find out what that means cause my dodge 2008has all three lights on than they went off than on now off again and frankly I dint feel likespennding spending $200 for them to tell me just whats wrong... its seems fi e.
The first thing to do is getting the codes when the light get on. You need a scan tool that can read american ABS codes to get code, the one i bought for 100$ bucks on ebay is Actron CP9580. The code will tell you where the problem is. On my car it was the rear left sensor. I had to change the bearing assembly on that wheel and the good news is that when u buy a bearing assembly, u get a new sensor with it. Since the light come on and off, i presume it is waste on your sensor, or your bearing assembly that is bad, or a bad contact in the cable line. You gonna need to change one day your bearing, probly after 100Km so u will get new sensor with it, and maybe it gonna be allright.
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You will need to have the code/codes causing the lights to come on diagnosed.
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