my dash panel and right tail lights are not working. on 2005 Chevrolet Aveo

i have checked the fuses and circuit breakers and the problem is not fixed

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it is caused by the malfunction of the splicer 101. be careful because eventually more of the inside and outside lights will malfunction. I also have a 2005 aveo. I have 170,000 miles. chevy knows of this problem bacause of all the complaints they have received but has not felt it a danger to recall this part.
No brake lights on some vehicles will cause the dash lights to not work, not sure if the Aveo is the same. I agree with the thought you have more then one problem. Goodluck.
Most likely you have 2 different problems...check the bulbs in right side tail light if you have not already. The instument cluster commonly need replacement if they are not working.
agree with miles