my dash lights dont work on 1998 Nissan Altima

i tryed to connect new aftermarket guages and a wire arched and now the back lights for night time dont work and neither do the lights for the heater.

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There is a 10Amp fuse in the fuse box #34 that supplies power to the illumination behind the instruments, the radio illumination, the light in the hazard light switch, the light in the heated rear windscreen switch and heater controls. do any of these lights work at night when you turn on the parking lights/ headlights? The wire off the light switch stalk that should become live when the switch is turned to the lights on position is colored red/blue. The wire that needs power at the instrument cluster to illuminate the instrument cluster is red/yellow. If you have power at red /yellow at the inst. cluster with the light switch on the printed circuit is burned out. But trace the power supply to the inst cluster first.
Time to look see if wire of light switch stalk has power when lights are turned on then it time to look at the wires behind the dash to see if instrument cluster is getting power from the light switch.
If going to the bother of pulling dash you need a good wiring diagram.
Non of the lights work and i have checked all the fuse.
ok i will check as soon as i can. thank you