1997 Honda CR-V Q&A

1997 Honda CR-V Question: my d4 light is flashing on the dash

i run a scan on my transmission and it shows that there is a problem with (1)"P1758 TCC solenoid valve b" and (2)the A/T range switch gear position short" where can i find these two components? -
Answer 1
My first suggestion , would be to clear the codes and test drive to see if they return. Then check all connectors and wiring for loose fit/damage. TCC solenoids are on the case towards the front look like 2 little cylinders sticking out with 1 harness plug (2 wire) and 3 bolts holding the plate on. The range selector switch is on the end of the trans case under a cover , again check wires and connector. If either code returns , reply and I can help with further test specs......One other question... no dead battery in the recent past? -