My cruise control isn't working. What can it be? on 1992 Toyota Celica

The cruise light comes on but the cruise wont engage. I worked one time for a few miles then cut off and wont work again. What can it be

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ck your brk light switch operation. that could cause this
I don't mean to seem slow, but where is the brake light switch?
on the upper side brake pedal rod
To check this, what am I looking for? How would I know if the brake light switch is defaulted?
start with ck'ing to make sure the brk lighs work, then test the switch
Thank you. You've been lots of help. I'm going to check this out today.

Do you think it could be the multi function switch instead?

it could be several issues but this is a good starting point then we can move down the line of things
I was told by AAMCO that it was the actuator and the micro switch. What ever the micro switch is and those parts are discontinued by Toyota.

Don't know what else to do. I asked about the brk light switch and they said that it wasn't that. It seems like they went from the most difficult stuff first to the most simple. In other words going backwards.

I thought they were supposed to start with the simple stuff first then the most difficult. I think I was BS'd. What do you think about everything?
Did YOU ever have someone besides Ammco stand behind your car and WATCH the brake lights???? Why ask for advice online , only to bring it to a place you end up questioning? I'm confused....
I took it there after I got the advice online just to match things up because I couldn't find the parts for it.
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