My Crossfire stumbled,stalled,would not start.Had it towed and it started up. on 2005 Chrysler Crossfire

Already replaced the crankshaft sensor,2 weeks ago. but now it is doing it again.Also when you start the car the rear spoiler comes up??

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Believe it or not Fuel trim can give you a ton of answers to what is going on with your vehicle. I agree completely with the both answers, if you do not have a scan tool just check with your local service shop.
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Agree with Roy I would "tee in a fuel pressure gauge" and check fuel pressure as the engine falters. Check fuel pressure and volume.I would also look at scan tool information to look at fuel trim figures even if the Check Engine light is not on fuel trim figures that are high could be a sign of a failing fuel pump.
i would be looking at fuel pressure. you may have a failing pump.