2004 Volvo S80 Q&A

2004 Volvo S80 Question: My coolant leaks I have to fill it up every week, my power steering fluid must

also because about once a month maybe longer it starts making a sounds when I turn and when I put fluid in it it works fine again. now also my washer fluid isn't spraying out out any common denominator? -
Answer 1
get a cooling system pressure test to determine source of leak -
Answer 2
No common denominator except that you need your fluids checked on a regular basis. Have a shop pressure check the cooling system for leaks, and visually check for power steering leaks, especially around the power steering pump. The hoses regularly need to be tightened at the power steering pump, so do that first. Top up the washer fluid too. -
Comment 1
thanks, I put power steering fluid in the stop leak kind then I read it said "don't overfill" I don't know if I overfilled it or not, I put the whole bottle in...? -