My concord will turn over but will not start on 1997 Chrysler Concorde

The car was last driven late last night with no problems,this morning it would turn over but not start. Its a 1997 chrysler concord v6 engine. only other problem we have is the ac dont work and the panel were u see the ac and heat will not light up.

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If it won't start, then you are likely to need a new battery. If it's not the battery, then maybe it's another part of the starting/charging system.

The thing to start with would be a jump start and see if you can get the car to start.
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Check the fuses for the fuel pump and anything related to starting. It could be a number of things. The coil, check for spark. The spark plugs should spark if you pull one out. Is it getting fuel? spray a short blast of starting fluid in the air intake. Check the fuel pump and filter by disconnecting the line and turning the key over. After that I'm stuck ,and it goes to the shop...