My clutch randomly went soft.... NO idea whats wrong. More info below. on 1997 Hyundai Accent

I was just driving back home from the mall, when suddenly my clutch went soft. It usually has free play where i can rest my foot on without engaging the clutch. But it randomly went completely soft, even if i rested my foot on it like usual, it just sunk almost to the bottom. For the first time, i had to completely depress the clutch all the way to the end to change gears. As well, i struggled to put it into 1st and 2nd, i managed it, only after pushing the gear stick hard....
I didnt notice any leaks or anything, but I immediatly took it to the service garage about 3 km's away, so I didnt do much driving after it happened. No news from the garage yet, but what are the possible symptoms and the possible cost of the situation.


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Sounds like a hydraulic problem, probably failure of the clutch slave cylinder. You are looking at about 200.00 if they only replace that particular part. There could, however, be larger problems with the clutch pressure plate for example that can be VERY costly.