My ck engine light came it sound like it was runing on 7 cyl ! The scan read 5 c on 1995 Dodge Ram Van 1500

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cyl was not firing ! so I put new champion spark plugs ! Clear the computer same thing ck light came on and still # 5 cyl is not firing ! The Mechanic said it could be the computer ? along with some other things ! He wasn't to sure on what to do ! One other thing Its does this very seldom but driving and the engine dies like you turn off the key and will not start ! You tap the computer wiring harness ! some time it will start right up ! and sometime it wont I don't dare tighten that wiring harness any more or it will snap ! If it does start it will last for a day to a year before we go back to step one ! But this problem I'm having not Firing on 5 cyd is totally different to what I was having problem with ! Thanks for any help you can send my way !
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