My civic 2007 hybrid dashboard indicators don't work on 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid

speedometer, brake indicator brake systems warning, battery power indicator, etc. are all malfunction. A previous answer hear suggested the alternator might be bad, but a mechanic and a dealer serviceman say there is no alternator. What could be wrong? Thanks.

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It's a hybrid---the 12 volt battery is charged through your IMA system. Have your battery tested (if it's original Honda just replace it anyhow --it's well past its normal life span. Problems with the 12 volt battery will give dozens of fault codes in all different control systems on the car.Best equipped place to replace the 12 volt battery AND have your VIN status checked(for any open recalls or product updates) is the dealer. They will also most likely be the best equipped to clear all the trouble codes that have been set falsely due to voltage problems. Not all of the codes will turn on a warning light , so the tech has to scan all systems and then go into each system individually to clear them. A lot of them won't bother because they most likely won't get paid to do it.(customers angle--why should I pay for something I can't see?) The problem with not clearing the codes you don't have a light on for now , is that when/if a code 'sets' for a fault in a system and the tech checks it out and finds 6 codes stored it's not always easy to determine how long any of them have been there (some systems will tell you how many key cycles).Hope some of this has been helpful......if you're still awake.///DC area? Try Honda of dulles ask for the slowest guy in the shop....
Thank you for your kindness. I will do as you suggest.

You're welcome I hope It works out well.