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2002 Dodge Durango Question: my check engine light is on had it check machine said needed new gas cap repl

my check engine light is on had it checked computer said needed new gas cap; replaced it three times once with Oreily, one from 2002 Durango at savalge yard, and a new cap from Dodge; still on . Checked again with computer and computer still says need new cap could there be something else causing this? -
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i would check the evap system, vent solenoid and hoses you have a good chance leaking somewhere there -
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Thanks for your answer however I still need some more help; where is this evap system and solenoid hoses? Are these the vacuum hoses? Thanks again. -
Answer 2
The EVAP system is spread from the gas tank to the engine. The code you had was probably for a 'large leak detected' and ONE of the possibilities is the gas cap , but that is as you've found not the only poss. cause. Less aggravation maybe , to have a qualified shop diagnose it. EVAP system leaks can be pesky. -
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Thanks for help..... I appreciate it.... -