my check engine light is on can i scan my 93 volvo to find problem what type of on 1993 Volvo 940

scanner and where do i connect it, it feel like the trainsmission is shifting hard i had new spark plugs , wires,and fuel filter i have no clue and i'm using more oil now.
dave williams

3 answers
No scan tool is needed for this car, you can read out the codes manually. Here's some info:
Reading Codes:
Code Descriptions:
requires a special scanner. it is better to let a shop scan it for you and tell you the issue and give you a bid. there will be no way of checking the trans as this is way too early for trans codes. a trans shop will help you with that part of the repair.

It's a little difficult to find a scan tool for your 1993 volvo, it's too old. Better to know the obd port type of your car.